How to get more kilometres out of a tank of fuel

With fuel prices in Australia upward of $1 per litre, getting the most out of your tank of fuel is more important than ever.

The cost to keep your car on the road in Australia continues to rise, with recent data indicating that in some states like NSW, it costs more than $20,000 per year.

State Annual Costs of Running a Car
NSW $22,238
VIC $18,889
QLD $19,629

The cost of filling up your car makes up a significant portion of the costs that come along with owning a car, so it’s more important than ever to get as many kilometres as you can, every time you fill up.

Here’s some easy ways you can reduce your running costs and get more kilometres out of a tank of fuel.


It’s not only the weight of the vehicle that contributes to fuel economy – it’s also what you have in your car. Traveling lighter will drastically improve your car’s performance and reduce fuel consumption. You might even want to consider forgoing some of those modifications like nudge bars or roof racks as they increase wind resistance and add weight to your vehicle.


It’s been shown that in particular, older model cars use more fuel to power the air conditioner. In an Australian summer no one is going to blame you for using the AC to keep cool. Another idea is travel early in the morning when taking longer trips to reduce the need to run your air conditioner on high.

Pump up your tires

Tyre drag caused by tyres that are not filled with air to their optimal level, significantly reduce the performance of a car and can contribute to poor fuel efficiency. Check your tyres to see what the recommended pressure is and be sure to keep them inflated to that level. Consider seeing a tyre specialist to ensure you have the best performing tyres for your make and model of car.

Half fill your tank

If you drive a large car like a four wheel drive, generally speaking your car is going to carry a large amount of fuel. Add to that these larger cars often have a second tank. If you’re filling your tank all the way up, consider the extra weight you’re forcing it to carry. In some instances only having a half full tank can considerably improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Petrol Apps and Comparison Sties

These days there’s a whole host of ways to identify which service stations are offering the cheapest fuel. There’s apps and websites that are solely focused on tracking the best daily deals on fuel. In years gone by, if you just went and filled up your car on a Wednesday, you’d more than likely have been paying the lowest rate over the course of the week. Traditionally it was Sunday that was the most expensive ahead of the working week. However these days prices vary significantly and to get more for your money you should be tracking the price at the bowser and getting alerts when it’s cheap.

Supermarket Discounts

As more players have entered the fuel business, its customers that will ultimately benefit in the short term. Coles and Woolworths have both become players in this space and as such offer discounts, when you make a purchase at a respective supermarket. Customers can save 10 cents or more a litre, which can really add up over the course of a year.

Green Vehicle Guide

The Government provides details about cars and their efficiency as well as their impact on the environment. It’s a good idea to look through the site before purchasing a new car. Remember, prevention is better than cure. You can visit the site here.


Increasingly electric hybrids are making their way to market in Australia. As hybrids improve their performance, so does the battery technology that goes along with them. Owners can even keep an eye out for free charging stations at popular shopping centres and parking bays.

Getting the most for your money

Remember, cars are a significant expense that each year costs us thousands of dollars to run and maintain. Getting more distance from a tank of fuel is a great start.

Make sure you are also managing your other costs well including keeping your car in good working order so it runs efficiently and also reviewing your car insurance policy each year to make sure you’re not paying too much.


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